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Fires & Explosion Lawyers Sioux Falls

victims should not be held responsible for the financial fallout of a fire or explosion caused by someone else’s negligence.

Fires & Explosions

The effects of fires and explosions can be tragic, often causing massive loss of both money and lives. These tragedies can result in personal injury, property damage, and even death, and the victims and their families may be entitled to financial compensation for their loss. Victims should not be held responsible for the financial fallout of a fire or explosion caused by someone else’s negligence. 

The investigation and litigation of explosion and fire cases involves complex issues surrounding the origin and cause of the fire or explosion and the treatment of the injuries. In addition to dealing with the legal issues present in a damage claim, attorneys working on fire and explosion cases must understand the causation issues and be at ease speaking with experts such as arson investigators, fire marshals, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, materials experts, and other investigation specialists, including those familiar with the special risks posed in agricultural settings. 

If your family has suffered a serious injury or loss due to an explosion, a fire, or gas poisoning, contact a Johnson Janklow Abdallah, LLP, attorney right away for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.  Our attorneys are dedicated to helping victims of these tragedies by fighting for your rights and financial security. 

It is great to work with the attorneys at Johnson, Janklow, and Abdallah. They always provide excellent advice and service that is second to none.

Mike Miller | former NBA player

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Mark McNeary | Primrose Retirement Communities, LLC

Lawyers from Johnson, Janklow, and Abdallah regularly participate in legal education by judging intramural student skills competitions; helping prepare our nationally competitive litigation skills teams; serving or leading the South Dakota State Bar's Law School Committee; and, from time to time , providing guest lecturers. The Law School is grateful for the generous participation of lawyers like those from Johnson, Janklow, and Abdallah.

Tom Geu | former Dean, USD School of Law