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Prevent Accidents this Summer

Jul 2, 14

Spring is in full swing in the Midwest, and summer is just around the corner. With the warmer temperatures, more people are outside enjoying recreational activities; unfortunately, this increase in activities outdoors also signals an increase in accidents and injuries. Whether you're taking a summer drive out on the roads, riding your bike, taking the boat out, or even working on the farm this summer, there are potential accidents that could occur. 

Automobile accidents carry serious risks along with many physical and financial consequences. Injuries can leave you unable to work and prevent you from enjoying your summer. In 2010 alone, there was an estimated 2.24 million people who were injured in motor vehicle traffic crashes (U.S. Department of Transportation). In 2010, 140 South Dakota motorists were fatally injured, which is a 6.9% increase from 2009. Motor accidents are more prevalent in the summer months, as well as on the weekends. Take precaution while driving, and always ensure you have a designated driver if you choose to drink. 

Bicyclists also face dangers when sharing the road with motorists. Even though it's an enjoyable activity, there is an extra burden for cyclists who face car and truck drivers who do not drive carefully. In 2011, 48,000 cyclists were injured. In 2011, 15 South Dakota cyclists were fatally injured, which adds to the 9% increase in overall cyclist injuries and crashes (U.S. Department of Transportation). Always be aware of traffic surrounding you, pay attention to street signals, and make sure you're clothed and protected properly to decrease your chance of injury. 

Although taking your boat out to the lake can be fun, there are also serious risks from accidents. What you must know is that if the boat operator causes an injury or accident as a result of his or her own negligence, he or she is liable. However, if the injury occurs as a result of a defective product, the supplier is held responsible. In order to stay safer, always check your boat's driving functions before hitting the water, and make sure all riders wear proper protective gear, including life vests. 

With the summer months, more and more farm workers are out tending to the fields. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, farming and ranching jobs rank in the top ten most dangerous occupations in the United States, as 557 farming fatalities were faced in 2011 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Take caution and always be aware of your surroundings as you operate farm equipment to prevent accidents and injuries. 

With all the potential for injury, it's important to take precaution with the upcoming summer months. It's also good to be prepared by having representatives who will stand and fight for your rights if things do go awry. The attorneys at Janklow Law are experienced in all these areas and will make sure each claim investigation is completed properly and thoroughly, and that you, as the victim, are fairly compensated for your injury. 

It is great to work with the attorneys at Johnson, Janklow, and Abdallah. They always provide excellent advice and service that is second to none.

Mike Miller | former NBA player

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Mark McNeary | Primrose Retirement Communities, LLC

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Tom Geu | former Dean, USD School of Law